We provide leading individuals, organisations and businesses with cultural strategy, development and programming. We do this through:

  • Cultural Forecasting that deploys research, data, and insight to position you ahead of the competition.
  • Vision Development that identifies your Unique Cultural Position, builds your ethos and drives your activities.
  • Organisational Development Plans that create agile infrastructure and optimal business practice to see you through growth and change.
  • Campaign Strategy that expands your cultural capital through targeted engagement programmes, behind-the-scenes advocacy, media initiatives and VIP events.
  • Capital and Revenue Fundraising Solutions that strengthen your capacity to raise income from public and private sources, corporate partnerships and commercial activities.
  • Cultural Programming that unlocks the transformational power of art  and offers the public powerful experiences with culture.

We ensure that clients establish a leading footprint in the world. For case studies and enquiries, please contact Louise McKinney at:
[email protected]

Installation shot, Samson Kambalu, The Last Judgement (2015), All The World’s Futures, Venice